Vehicle Maintenance Centers

(VMC System)

Vehicle Maintenance Centers

  • An integrated system for managing car maintenance centers and workshops. You can create job orders and billing forms for maintenance operations, manage your stock of products and spare parts, follow up on your customers after maintenance, and organize maintenance times with workers and car owners. It also helps you to market your new products and services by sending alerts. To your customers automatically.
  • Support both Arabic and English languages

Our program aims to automate management, operation, control and customer service of all the activities of car trading and maintenance companies and to provide the instant means that enables management at its various levels to make the right decision at the right time. The car trade and maintenance program also provides subsystems, analytical and synthesis reports for the purposes of supervision, control and follow-up to achieve the highest levels of quality, efficiency and productivity and thus the highest profitability of the company. The system assists the top management in following up the application of its policies in all aspects of the activity in order to avoid the loss resulting from misoperation and the optimal exploitation of the company’s human and material resources

  • The reservation system is designed to accommodate your unique needs in dealing with reservations. Also, use the online calendar to choose available booking times from date, hour, operations and schedule. You can store important information for required services and confirm and follow up on reservations with each customer
  • Your employees will spend less time scheduling reservations and more time focusing on customers. The system allows one-time reservations or repeat reservations in a simple time. It also allows a quick addition of data and access to personal and historical customer data easily and quickly, and find the reservation times available by the employee and the time period. That is, it is the best way to manage your appointments quickly and efficiently
  • The interface is easy to use and includes all the information you need for efficient management of your reservation process, storage and follow-up
  • The system offers a single display screen to accommodate the technical labor force in the workshop for ease of housing and follow-up to raise productivity while linking the technical labor to your existing buckets.
  • From the workshop panel, you can access details and housekeeping for the workshop, with jobs grouped by activity (analgesia or available for analgesia), pending (pending analytics) and others
  • Ensure that there are no waiting orders for work except in the event of all the crying, and details can be presented for any subsequent day to know the processes that will be scheduled in the workshop, including reservations, to know the effect on the available workforce and to increase the capacity of the workshop to work efficiently.
  • The system will automatically create an introductory invoice once the final check is successful. Specialized persons should review the invoice, take customer approval, add external business fees, and make discounts within the limits of powers if necessary. The final bill is then approved
  • The exit permit for the vehicle is issued immediately upon payment of the cash bill, which allows the release of the vehicle, except in the case of postpaid customers
  • The vehicle exit permit is the final step that allows the customer to receive his car and exit the workshop according to the payment terms that were previously set by the accounting department and are the only conditions that control the release of the car
  • Exit permits are automatically generated by the system and this is only allowed after payment procedures are completed
  • Sometimes called success assessment indicators, they help the organization read progress toward goals in a timely manner
  • After the establishment determines its goals and sets future plans to achieve these goals, it needs a practical and temporal way to measure progress in that plan towards achieving the goals and performance evaluation indicators are one of these means
  • The system provides the senior management with an effective dashboard to illustrate these indicators in comparative illustrative charts and in the following list some of these indicators
  • The program supports automatic linking of branches and devices to any location.
  • The program supports the system of multiple currencies and the conversion between them.
  • The program supports backup and recovery of data .
  • The program supports multiple users with user defined privileges.
  • The possibility of defining spare parts and manufactures with an infinite number of units of measurement.
  • The program supports installment and payment systems in installments, whether by equal or unequal installments
  • The program supports salary systems, employees, attendance, automation, and manual.
  • The program contains a daily notifications system such as the minimum spare parts, the available technical, the available and available tears, customer debts and the collection and payment of checks.
  • The ability to design publications to suit every center.
  • The ability to attach documents to all documents within the program.
  • Automatic migration of transactions to accounts.
  • Full support for Egyptian tax laws and insurance.
  • Quick review of the fiscal year and closing the fiscal year with ease.

Used to provide quotes and assays to clients based on data from the system. The user can enter the operations and spare parts quantities as required for the expected work, print it and present it to the customer before starting work to obtain the approval of the customer

  • Before agreeing to the final inspection of the vehicle, the technical inspection engineer will perform a full inspection of the vehicle and ensure that the operations are completed as required. The report consists of some points, including the status of the completed operations, any other operations that must be performed immediately, and any other operations required in the future to maintain the vehicle.
  • The technical inspection engineer has one of two options, either to agree to release the vehicle for bills or return it to housing with notes to complete the required operations
  • The workshop panel screen displays all repair orders inside the workshop, and the user can view the real-time information regarding each repair order in terms of the position of operations, exchange of spare parts, delivery date, causes of delay and other instant data
  • The system allows users to instantly monitor repair orders in all branches, follow up on remote operations for effective central management and raise efficiency for all branches.
  • The screen displays the status of each repair command to allow users to easily follow orders. It also provides a screen for customers to monitor the movement of their car during the various stages until delivery
  • Details of any repair order can be displayed in seconds, including repair order position information, operations, parts, and schedule of remaining operations
  • Car history is a very powerful tool that can be used in various fields within the workshop. It provides the user with access to all historical information about the vehicle in terms of all the operations performed by those who performed these operations from technicians and spare parts that were installed and notes the final examination and others
  • Users at different levels can access the vehicle’s history according to needs and powers to obtain the required information. Data access is simple and easy to facilitate customer interaction and service
  • Customer satisfaction is the most important element of success, so the system provides an integrated unit to serve customers and present them to the fullest.
  • Customer service jobs help maximize customer satisfaction. This should be the main goal to achieve higher sales volumes, and keep customers happy
  • We find that customer service is more important in some roles than others. For receptionists, sales staff, and other employees in customer-related roles, customer service should be a key component of their job description and training
  • Our system helps you to follow the completed work and measure customer satisfaction with dynamic programs that you can control according to your measurement requirements. It is an automated process that saves time and raises efficiency.

The internal vehicle maintenance system provides several types of reports to determine the vehicle condition, delivery etc.

  • The program uses the best systems of modern technology, which is the web system that enables you to monitor the center’s accounts from anywhere without committing to a specific place or device, as is the case with discop systems.
  • The program is designed in Asp.NET – Sql server databases.
  • The program contains a mobile and tablet application for ease of use anytime and anywhere.
  • Consistency, confidentiality and security of company databases.
  • Periodic backup of the database, to ensure data integrity.
  • Optimal utilization of server resources from devices and networks, and high speed data processing.
  • Professionally designed screens, to ensure ease of use and access to information.
  • The possibility of multiple users.
  • Precise authorization system, allowing control of data archiving, printing and account migration operations for each user.
  • Compatible with various devices such as, barcode, and attendance devices.
  • Support the Arabic language and English language.
  • Compatibility with various Microsoft programs, such as Word, Excel and Outlook.
  • The possibility of entering previous data from Excel files automatically.