ABHR Management System

  • Personnel affairs program for managing personnel affairs and salary account, which is a web application designed using the latest technologies and also works on mobile and tablet systems.
  • The HR program saves you time and effort, and the AB HR program does the work for you.
  • The Personnel Management System (AB HR) is your company’s human resource management system.

AB HR Features and Benefits

The HR program provides many benefits and benefits to its users through:

  • Speed ​​by entering data in an easy and simple way in the shortest possible time and with minimal effort.
  • Ease through detailed and dedicated displays for each part of the personnel affairs program tasks, in order to facilitate the process of data entry and review.
  • Data The Personnel Affairs Program (AB HR) stores all data related to employees, departments and divisions of any size and in a way that facilitates its client to search and extract the data entered through the reports provided by the system.
  • Departments The group of departments covers all transactions on the system by registering an unlimited number of employees, jobs, departments, divisions, advances, various systems (absenteeism, attendance, overtime, incentives, allowances, penalties ……… etc. And linking these systems with departments / employees.
  • Connect the system to the fingerprint machine (attendance and leave), including the super-speed in saving data and saving time and paperwork.
  • Managing employees’ financial affairs by automatically calculating salaries and deductions through inputs to the system to ensure saving time, effort and accuracy in calculating salaries.
  • Reports The Personnel Affairs Program (AB HR) provides a wide range of reports that cover all dealings with the system such as (employee card report, employee attendance / leave, salary account, archive, leave, penalties ……. etc.)
  • Warning messages / alerts The system provides a set of alert messages while dealing with it, such as (exceeding the employee leave balance, permission ……… etc.).
  • Users The system provides an infinite number of users with specific powers for each user in a way that does not conflict with the work mechanisms.
  • Protection The Personnel Affairs Program (AB HR) guarantees the protection and confidentiality of data entered into the system from damage or theft.