Electronic invoice program

(Integrated with the program Metallic ERP System)

The electronic invoice converter at AB Tech International is easy to use and apply, whether as a form separate from the ERP System or as part of the ERP System

  • Ease of use with a simple and smooth interface
  • Web system, which means ease of use at any time and from anywhere
  • Multiple branches, which means sending electronic invoices to more than one branch separately
  • Mobile applications for the program
  • Technical and accounting support 24 hours a week

contains The E – Invoice electronic billing system in AB Tech has many other features

  • Coding customers and suppliers with all the information required from the tax authority, such as the type of activity, detailed address and contact, with the possibility of importing customer data from an Excel sheet. directly
  • Coding the goods with the unified code, whether in the Gs1 or Egs system, with the possibility of coding with more than one internal code
  • Adding an electronic signature to all invoices to match the requirements of the Tax Authority
  • The possibility of raising the electronic invoice via an excel sheet for the program and then sending it to the tax authority
  • Verify the status of the invoice with the tax authority, whether under review or an approved invoice
  • Do not send electronic invoices except through a system of powers managed by the company
  • The ability to save the electronic invoice without sending it or sending more than one invoice at once
  • The emergence of messages with problems that can hinder the transmission as a result of wrong data such as the tax file number and others.
  • Momentary synchronization between the link program and the IRS website in sending and receiving invoices
  • All the necessary reports for electronic bills, discount notices, with the ability to add the necessary reports