ABStores Accounting System

ABStores is a system for managing accounts and warehouse operations so that you do not need to manually inventory your warehouse anymore.

  • Speed – complete the process in less than two minutes and save weeks of paperwork!
  • Ease – we do the work for you.
  • Security – We offer you the highest levels of security to store and retrieve data without worry.
  • Dealing with multiple stores.
  • Management of stock losses and damage.
  • Keeping different properties of the product.
  • Record sales invoices and discards.
  • Record and follow up on inventories.
  • Save an unlimited number of customers and suppliers.
  • Follow the daily movement of the treasury.
  • Vendor performance evaluation with a series of statistical reports.
  • Ease of use, input, search, print reports.
  • The ability to export reports to PDF / EXCEL.
  • Available in two languages: Arabic and English.