Financial Consulting

Our company provides accounting consulting services by conducting regular interviews with the financial sectors of companies and identifying accounting problems and the accounting and tax impact resulting from those problems and offering appropriate solutions to a wide range of clients from the domestic and foreign private sector companies and international institutions and others
Our company follows up the implementation of procedures through periodic interviews and in a manner consistent with the accounting and tax impact of these problems in light of the latest Egyptian and international accounting standards, tax and customs law and related laws.
The first accounting training company in Egypt on the most powerful accounting program in Egypt and the Middle East

Web Design

The best designs that suit all types of sites, whatever your site idea, we are able to implement it in the best way.

Website Hosting

The most powerful servers that enable you to manage your site with ease, whatever the size of your site, we have a suitable hosting plan.

Software Development

A group of different accounting programs specializing in serving all commercial and industrial sectors to help you manage all your business.

Mobile Applications

Designing and programming various mobile applications for iPhone and Android, which are appropriate for different fields, whatever the nature of your work