About Us

About Company

An Egyptian company established since 2007.
The company is accredited to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology – Industry Modernization Center – Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce We specialize in producing accounting and administrative systems for commercial and government purposes.

Our Vision

Businessmen service to follow their work anytime from anywhere using the latest technology.

Our Mission

Make business applications and systems simple, stable, stable and guaranteed.

Our Applications

We offer you a set of the best accounting software that enables you to manage your business accurately and successfully

Metallic ERP System

( ERP System )

An accounts program that analyzes and collects all documents in the program and creates daily entries

Vehicle Maintenance Centers

( VMC System )

A completed system to manage vehicle maintenance centers and workshops. You can create job orders and billing forms for maintenance operations

Retail Store System

( Large and medium store chains and outlets )

The retail points system is a smart investment as it works to provide the required working hours to increase the efficiency of conducting, organizing and controlling transactions with great accuracy.

ABStores Accounting System

( Accounting System )

ABStores is a system for managing accounts and warehouse operations so that you do not need to manually inventory your warehouse anymore.

ABHR Management System

( ABHR System )

Employee Affairs Program for managing personnel affairs and salary account, which is a web application designed using the latest technologies and also works on mobile and tablet systems.

RepTech Mobile App

( Integrated with Metallic ERP System )

Create sales invoices / sales returns in real time with the customer, and help the delegate in his daily tasks.